Flying Club Cup Meets Take Away Shows

December 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

As if I weren’t already in love with Take Away Shows — I just came across their videos for every song of Beirut’s newest album. Fantastique!

The video for Forks and Knives might be my favorite one:

Stephin Merritt: Two-day Song Writing Challenge

November 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

Savor some Stephin Merritt goodness to tide yourself over until the new Magnetic Fields album comes out this January by checking out “A Man of a Million Faces.” He wrote the song in two days as an experiment for the first installment of a new NPR series, Project Song.

My favorite part of the feature story is when Stephin names two separately recorded snare beats “Agnes” and “Billy” to help keep them straight for himself and the engineer. Maybe this is a common naming convention for song writers, but I like to imagine that only Stephin Merritt thinks to use the name Agnes.


Where’s the pretty?

October 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Just downloaded In Rainbows and felt all empty inside when I popped open my media player and saw no cover art. A quick google search later, though, I see that Jon Hicks is all over it.

I picked Shaun Inman’s, but I also really liked the ones designed by Jon, Ben Darlow (comment #12), thetrew (#24), Chris Glass (#30), and another Jon (#97 & #98).

Les Concerts À Emporter

May 15, 2007 § 1 Comment

I am loving Les Concerts À Emporter (“Take-Away Shows”) by La Blogothèque, a site that asks bands who are touring through Paris to play an acoustic song or two in public settings — out on the street or, in the case of the Arcade Fire, in a freight elevator.

Other favorites of mine so far include Andrew Bird walking around Montmartre (in the video above) and the Guillemots on a stairway, also in Montmartre (at least I think — that entry is in French, and I can’t really read French anymore). The videos I’ve seen so far have an intimacy that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy. I will definitely be signing up for the podcasts.

Update at 10:38: And I just found one of Jens Lekmam playing one of Ian’s favorite songs (this one links to another site called Daily Motion, where La Blogothèque also hosts its videos).

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