Globe Graphics: Human-Centered Design

June 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

The newspaper graphics for the Boston Globe on Javier Zarracina’s portfolio site are out of this world. I came across them in the perfect way — a post from Lifehacker about the naps graphic (watch out for the window resizing when you click through), not highlighting the design itself, but the information it conveys. I was totally engrossed and spent significant time with it, reading every word.

When I was in journalism school, there seemed to be a general feeling that newspapers like USA Today ushered in an era of dumbed-down print media through greater use of graphics and lower word counts at the expense of the almighty writer’s more detailed coverage. Although I agree that some stories require the unique type of in-depth investigation that a long-form story can provide, Zarracina’s graphics exemplify the effectiveness of human-centered design created through collaboration of writers and artists.


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