Anil Dash: a guy who gets it

December 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

I found this snippet from Anil Dash while coincidentally cleaning out my Google Reader backlog today:

Adding features like comments from sources in a news story to Google News is an admirable attempt to bring unique value to aggregated news stories. But tasking a technology team with the duty to solicit and manage these comments ignores the fact that verifying, recording, and reporting a source is fundamentally an act of journalism. By trying to shoehorn a work of research into a primarily technological process, the news team faces the chance of fraud, abuse, error, or most likely, low participation and eventual abandonment.

An awareness that some types of information gathering require judgment and reasoning that’s not well-handled by even the most clever algorithms would help Google make its transition into being a company that creates original content.

Preach on, brother. This is why I love reading Anil’s stuff — he thinks like a journalist and a supergeek.


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